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"Global Fantasy Girls...can provide our guests with stunning women from around the globe...
Western, European, Latin and Asian...we have them all"

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Amsterdam Adult Vacations

Home to some of the world's finest women

A virtual paradise, our inclusive Amsterdam Vacation is a private, very discreet hideaway and includes a virtual array of James Bond style girls. With fine dining, the candles lit, and the champagne flowing, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Boracay Philippines Adult Vacations

Vacations on Boracay, Cebu and Bohol Islands

Our Boracay Island Vacation is all inclusive and there are no extra or hidden fees. Our luxury island resort guests enjoy a large suite with high speed internet, satellite TV, well stocked bars, spas, saunas, pools and exquisite restaurant dining and the choice of kittens for the ultimate pleasurable vacation. Included in each VIP vacation package are unlimited drinks, fine dining, full time transportation with private guide for touring and ocean excursions, such as snorkeling, boating, corral reef and shipwreck diving, deep sea fishing, jet skiing and more. We have over 100 stunning and sexually cater girls waiting for you. The package also includes all local flights There are no additional fees for our VIP packages with the above excursions. Tipping is discretionary.

Buenos Aires Adult Vacations

"The city of Buenos Aires...the ultimate city of style, culture and sheer eroticism.

Come & enjoy the fantasy that is Buenos Aires. Our exclusive EROTIC and entirely fulfilling Vacation is one not to be missed and will definitely not be forgotten. Our Vacation offers you the sensual pleasure of meeting and spending rewarding time with stunning and sensual ladies, fine dining, day and night tours of Buenos Aires, private parties where you will mingle with absolutely gorgeous models and local cuties looking for romance. You will be invited to private clubs, receive Tango lessons, invites to the fashion scene and have full access to the city's rich heritage. The city of Buenos Aires...the ultimate city of style & culture pure eroticism.

Cartagena Colombia Adult Vacations

Cartagena is a UNESCO city in the S. Caribbean

A lustful retreat of sensuality awaits each guest as they dive into the pleasures of unabridged fantasy, stunning sunsets, warm nights; cool ocean breezes; unlimited drinks, excellent dining and tours of this amazingly exciting 500 year old city with your girls and private guide. In our resort your girls will cater to your needs and will accompany you for dining, swimming in our large pools, walks along the beach, as well as tours and a night out on the city. Enjoy the tranquil ocean views and stunning sunsets...stroll down our gorgeous beaches with a cold drink and your playful kittens that will make sure you do more than just enjoy the deserted white sand beach.

Costa Rica Adult Escorted Vacations

Is a tropical and adventurous country

We provide a variety of beach and jungle lodges and resorts throughout the tropical Costa Rica. Here we can cater to single men, women, groups, as well as gay & lesbians seeking adventure, sexy companions, with airport greeting, a car and driver for tours and excursions, fine dining, unlimited beverages and so much more.

Dominican Republic Adult Vacations

We have many 5 star beach resorts and private beach villas, pools, jacuzzis, bars and lounges, fine dining, unlimited drinks, water activities and of course sexy women.

In addition, we are now allowing our guests to pre-select their companions after booking. Upon arrival at either POP, (Puerto Plata) or the Santo Domingo, Las Americas airport, (SDQ), our guests are greeted by our staff and your selected ladies and then driven to their selected resort or villa.

Dubai Adult Sex Vacations

Dubai in particular has become not only the world financial centre and estate paradise, but also a uniquely attractive tourist destination. Each year more business tycoons, bankers, and rich foreigners had been traveling to the emirate and looking for high-class companions to enjoy their time in the

 fantastic city during their free time. People arriving in this enchanting and wealthy realm demanded high quality services.

Take a break from everyday life and set up an appointment with beautiful, sweet and young angel. Our Fantasy Girls will take you into the world of pleasure you have never experienced before.

Fortaleza, Brazil Adult Sex Vacations with catering sex kittens

Picture yourself in the ultimate tropical paradise. Warm tropical winds, excursions into the worlds last and largest rain forest, stylish luxury accommodations in the modern metropolitan city of Fortaleza with endless nightlife, year round festivals, sidewalk cafes and bars with your own personal car & driver and enjoy it all with beautiful women catering to your every whim. What more could anyone ask in life. You work hard, now play hard, you deserve it and the worlds leading provider of erotic vacation now with the world's leading adult vacation providers. Book n Global Fantasies, will make sure you enjoy it!

Hong Kong Escorted Adult Vacations

Come and savory the best of Asia

"If you've ever fantasized about spending quality time with beautiful, sophisticated and sty;ish ladies in one of the world's most beautiful cities...then Hong Kong is for you. Our sensuous ladies are happy in exclusive restaurants, nights dancing and definitely while cuddled in your arms. Hong Kong is one of the world's most festive and modern cities and should not be missed! We offer stunning Asian and European ladies and several top models.

Las Vegas Adult Getaways & Vacations

Vacation in the ultimate city of pleasurable sin with warm days and exciting nights. We have over 60 top models that are more than beautiful they are playful, stylish and festive while providing a real girl friend experience. We can book you in a 5 star resort, casino hotel, private pool villas, condos and private homes with or without dining and beverages of your choice, personal limos and of course steaming hot women. We can also book horse back riding and helicopter excursions into one of the world's most scenic deserts and tours of Grand Canyon, as well as, rafting in the Colorado River and much more. Our casino resorts have pools, saunas, gyms, masseurs and endless gaming. Las Vegas is the party city of endless nightlife, year round festivals and much more and now you can enjoy it in sheer luxury with fine women. Whatever your desires for adventure or sinful leisure we have Vegas covered. Our VIP packages also provide tickets to concerts and stage performances with your ladies. "What more could anyone ask in life. You work play deserve it and the worlds leading provider of erotic vacations will make sure you pleasure every moment!"

Mexico with 4 Adult Swinger Resorts

For Couples Only

For couples only we are also pleased to offer exquisite services and amenities in our all inclusive swingers beach resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico. These Mexico vacations include everything, but ladies, Viagra & airfare. All guests may participate in our wild parties and take advantage of our inclusive pool parties, in suite dining, unlimited drinks of your choice, se toys, sailing and jet skiing. Our Mexico clothing optional swinger resorts provide style and luxury on secluded white sand beaches in the most sought after locations. So, bring your playmate, wife or girlfriend or all three and come on down!

Prague, Czech Republic Adult Vacations

One of Europe's most cultured and beautiful cites.

Regardless if it's your first visit to this beautiful region or just one of many, you have never enjoyed it as you will on our fantasy vacation. We have 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury apartments along the Danube river, where you can take a day or night cruise with your ladies...dine at fine restaurants or dance at some of the regions most entertaining nightclubs and lounges. Memories to last a lifetime! Prague is a world-class city, so why not enjoy it with world-class sexually catering ladies?

Riga, Latvia Adult Vacations

We cater to our Riga guests from the moment they arrive until they depart.

Choose one of our luxury hotels, private condo or full equipped apartments. Enjoy restaurant and catered dining or just relax and let our girls prepare custom meals for you, as they are excellent cooks. They will  be more than your lovers, they will be your dining and dancing partners and your personal guides. They all speak several languages, including English and carry current health cards.

Rio de Janeiro Adult Sex Vacations

Rio...the most fabulous and most sinful sin with luxury condos, beach hotels, endless activities and excursions and over 80 of the world's most beautiful playmates.

We provides an unforgettable erotic adult vacation in the beautiful and enchanting south coast city of Rio de Janeiro, in one of the worlds most sexually festive countries, Brazil. Together we can and will provide the ultimate erotic vacation where you can bask in the tropical sun of the world renowned Copacabana, enjoy the company of exotic women, shop for some of the globes best bargains, explore tours into the rain forest, sail, jet ski dive and deep sea fish in the warm tropical waters...and do it all in style and luxury. Our vacation services are available for gents, ladies and couples. We also cater to groups, tours, business excursions, bachelor parties and all other occasions when beautiful ladies are desired. Our young ladies will not only be your ultimate goddesses they will be your personal tour guides, translators, dance partners and girl friends.

Thailand Adult Vacations

Simply unforgettable.

In the South of Thailand lies a hidden treasure of white-sand deserted beaches, warm tropical waters, stunning desolate islands and some of the world's most friendliest people. We have gathered the world's most sexual and beautiful ladies for our Thailand guests and now brings you the absolute best of everything this stunning and friendly country has to offer. Thailand enjoys 300 days a year of perfect weather, unlike other more northerly Asian locations that often endures severe storms and typhoons, Our Thailand vacation location is south of the tropic depression zone, so our weather is near perfect year around. We offer 5 star hotels, private condos, pool villas and luxury homes throughout Thailand. From the moment of your arrival in Thailand our staff and beautiful ladies will make sure you savor every minute of your unforgettable vacation in the enchanting country of Thailand. Age and handicaps are not prevalent.

Odessa & Kiev Ukraine Vacations

Fantasy Ukraine has always been known as the home to some of the world's most exotic women! They make any man reach the peak of sensual lust and create a fairy tale atmosphere where everything is possible. Ukraine ladies are slaves of intimacy and will seduce you in ways you never dreamed. Global Fantasy Kiev retains a bounty of ladies and 5 star villas, resorts and private condos in catering to the desires of men seeking and expecting a true fantasy vacation. Our ladies can turn a typical dinner into an amazing and sinful evening of intimate conversation and pleasures never to be forgotten. Ukraine Fantasy girls are more than stunning and elegant...they embody sexuality! Their charm and prowess will rejuvenate and restore your thirst for pleasure upon first glance. Send us your inquiry and after making your booking you will be on your way to fantasy land in the historical and cultured city of Kiev...home of some of the world's most stunning goddesses patiently awaiting your arrival. It's your life, so enjoy it.


"We have over 2,200 ladies for our guests which can be changed daily.
Male companions are also available for you ladies.

We do not use the services of street or bar girls. Our ladies speak several languages and are mostly models, super models and women from varied backgrounds, such as students, teachers and nurses. etc. They are stylish, beautiful, festive, sexually catering and carry current health certificates.










Please be specific with your requests!

* We do not provide generic vacations and fares reflect the desires of our guests. Everything in our VIP packages is 1st class, our stunning ladies, our resorts, condos and private pool villas, etc. We provide a fine array of beers, wines, bourbons, world renown gins, vodkas as well as whiskeys and our bartenders can make any drink our guests desire. As a Gold Club member there are no limits as to what you eat or drink. Our girls are some of the globe's most beautiful and erotic and they each carry a current health certificate. We change and hire new girls weekly. Everything you eat, drink and do is included and everything for your selected companion is also included. In most of our locations we have spas, steam rooms, saunas and daily massages, as well as large pools and in-suite jacuzzis. Each guest may change their companions daily. In addition our VIP packages include many local activities, such as boating, diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and other activities related to the location.

*We can provide companions in nearly every major city of the world*
Email us for details! Please specify the city where you want the companion/s.

Any of our fine ladies can be selected at the time of booking or upon arrival to your vacation destination

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*We can provide companions in nearly every major city of the world*
Email us for details! Please specify the city where you want the companion/s.

Any of our fine ladies can be selected at the time of booking or upon arrival to your vacation destination

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