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Welcome to Global Fantasy Girls
Adult Erotic Vacations and Swingers Resorts Las Vegas

 "Global Fantasy Girls...can provide our guests with stunning women from around the globe...
Western, European, Latin and Asian...we have them all"

Fantasy adult vacation is the world's leading premier erotic adult sex vacation company and provide safe and festive Adult Vacations for male and female singles, couples and group festivities, including bachelor parties, etc. in all of our 16 Global Locations. We have in excess of 2,000 very stunning and catering ladies and gents just waiting to meet you! We can also cater to the desires of elite gentlemen seeking the company of exotic companions anywhere in the world. Our exotic girls provide a true girlfriend experience.


Las Vegas Swingers is open every night for you to party!

"Bring your wife or girlfriend and savor the good life"

Global Fantasy Las Vegas's oldest and most well known Swinger's Party for couples and singles.


Dress code:
Women in Lingerie or less, Men MUST be naked!

These parties have been getting bigger and better each time we do them.
There was over 250 naked fun loving people at the last one!


Let Us Make Your Special Occasion A Little More Indulgent!

We provide the perfect venue to play out your most intimate erotic fantasies, celebrate your special birthday, anniversary or wild bachelor(ette) party.
Invite your friends to party, dance and play the day or night away.
Host an unforgettable naked pool party or lead a sexy stripper pole contest.
Blow out the candles on your cake and head to the playrooms for dessert.
Whether you are planning on Day or Club Passes for your guests or a private hotel room to host the fun, we offer our one of a kind party space and creative event design suggestions.



When you arrive you will be greeted on the stairs by The Club host, You will be conducted upstairs to the bar, enjoy your drinks while you relax. Beside the bar is a comfortable Club Lounge area or you can move back to the Pool Room or the Garden Lounge. Chat with your partner or perhaps join in conversation with other couples.

Meet and Play

Want to live your sexual fantasy? Do you like to meet and play with others? Looking for something spicy, hot and naughty? Are you into swinging or the fetish lifestyle? Couple? Interested to interact with open minded couples?

Sexual Activities

As you may probably guess there are many sexual activities involved with swinging, some may be common at most parties, but others may normally only be at a specially organized event to cater for that particular fetish.

Bisexuality people of the same gender interacting. This is much more common between women than men, but it does not mean every woman may indulge in it. Bisexuality between men is extremely rare in the swinging community, and is usually frowned upon if not organized prior, and is usually preferred in a separate area.

Couple to couple This is, by far the most popular, and really is the heart and soul of the swinging life style. One couple pairing up with another, after an exchange of partners, the couples usually continue sexual activity within close proximity to each other, i.e. within the same room or the same bed, probably interacting in such as way that it becomes a foursome, or group sex.

Extreme culture These include things such as spanking, bondage, sado/masochism and water sports (urination). The majority of these are very uncommon at most swingers parties unless the hosts have chosen a theme for the night, in which case you may be notified well before the night of the party.

Groups (Orgies) Usually defined by a group of 4 or more people interacting sexually, most commonly, as described above; two couples, although it may be any sex of four or more people.

Threesomes are most common for couples just starting out; it is the most common method of starting in the lifestyle. A lot of couples may carry on with threesomes long after they have fully integrated in to the lifestyle. In threesomes, all three people may interact, or two people may interact with the other.

Voyeurism This is when you watch others perform sexual activities. This is normally welcome within the group area, but not in the private areas. Remember it is always polite to ask if people mind being watched.


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